EPCA Development

At EPCA Development, we believe in delivering affordable homes without necessarily compromising the quality but rather focus on making our homes accessible and safe.

Our philosophy is to design, build and finance affordable homes for all. Due to the scarcity of the land, our architectural designs focus on land optimization to remain within the Green Growth and Climate Resilience National Strategy guidelines to complement the national master plan.

As a Contribution to the Government of Rwanda’s initiative to bridge the existing housing gaps, EPC Africa Group introduced a real estate development company called EPCA Development Ltd to channel part of its investments in real estate, initially focusing on the Affordable Housing Program.

According to the National Strategy for Transformation (NST 1), the Government of Rwanda plans to increase the urbanization rate from 18% - to 35% in the next 5 years to support economic growth. A housing Market study done in the City of Kigali (IGC 2018) showed that 700,000 new units will be needed by 2028, with 70% falling under the Affordable Housing category.


SKK Affordable Housing is a project whose mission is to address the shortage of low-cost housing in the country. Located in Kanombe Sector, the SKK project will occupy 7.2 hectares of land and be comprised of One Two and Three Bedroom Apartments.

Other than Residential Houses, there will be public green spaces, common parking, a multipurpose hall, a nursery school, mini shops, community clinic, recreation, and sports facilities in one place.

To ease the management and real estate-related transactions including the development, buying, and selling of the houses, EPCA Development intends to establish a digital platform that will serve as a one-stop center for real estate business management accessible worldwide. The online platform will have unique features among others; allowing clients to share details such as the type of house they want, available budget, preferred modes of payment. The use of this platform will facilitate rent-to-own schemes and contribute to an affordable, accessible, and Safe Urbanization of Africa.

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