Energy Conception and Transmission of Electricity

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ENERGICOTEL (ECTL) PLC, a subsidiary of EPC Africa Group, is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) and an Engineering Consulting Company with Power Purchase Agreements and Concessions to design, build, finance, and maintain power plants in Africa.

Our vision and mission are to effectively build affordable power generating infrastructures in all corners of the African Continent using renewable energy resources by restoring and protecting the environment.

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  • Power generation (Hydro, Solar & Gas)
  • Power plants operation & maintenance services.
  • Repair and upgrade of power systems.
  • Capacity building of technical personnel.
  • Engineering design & Supervision of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Following the Capital Market Authority (CMA) approval to issue and list a long-term fixed rate Corporate Bond on Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE), ENERGICOTEL officially commenced its trading in August 2021.

ECTL in partnership with Rwanda Energy Company (REC), a subsidiary of Rwanda Investment Group (RIG), formed MAGMA Energies LTD which is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the joint development of Methane Gas Resources.

The objective is to extract the methane gas from Lake Kivu and to transform it into Electricity.

ECTL PLC in partnership with “AECOM CANADA” is currently taking part in the design review and supervision of ongoing construction works of the Rusumo Falls Regional HPP project of 80MW funded by the Word Bank and AfDB, shared between Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania.

In the pipeline, ECTL has various Energy Projects, all in the Renewable Energy Space, at different stages of the project development cycle in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, DRC and Malawi.



Currently, ECTL operates three (3) Hydro Power Plants with a total combined capacity of 3.2MW; Keya, Nkora & Cyimbili.


Keya HPP is located in Nyundo Sector, Rubavu District in the Western Province of Rwanda.


Nkora Mini-HPP is located in Gasagara village, Nkora cell, Kigeyo sector, Rutsiro district; in the Western Province of Rwanda.


Cyimbili Mini-HPP is located in Cyimbili cell, Kigeyo sector in Rutsiro District; in the Western Province of Rwanda.

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